Musical numbers show accountants’ artistic repertoire

Accountants get to grips with musical numbersACCOUNTANTS are very good with numbers. But how do they fare with musical numbers?

At Salisbury and Company in St Asaph, rather harmoniously it seems!

Staff have been put through their paces by mezzo soprano and choral conductor Ann Atkinson as part of a unique Arts and Business Cymru initiative to improve business skills through musical techniques.

By listening carefully to and conducting colleagues in rhythm and song, the accountants learned a little more about how to listen and lead, as well as work better together as a team.

Director Jeremy Salisbury, whose firm supports the North Wales International Music Festival of which Ann is Artistic Director, was keen for staff to have fun as well as gain something from the sessions.

“I had a talk with Ann and it seemed like a good idea,” he said. “It’s good to be out of your ‘comfort zone’ from time to time!

“It was good fun to try something different that also makes you think about how you interact with colleagues and other people.”

Staff had two sessions at The Dean’s Library in St Asaph. Led by Ann and assisted with a variety of simple musical instruments, they were led through a series of exercises that required listening and concentration.

For a grand finale the Salisbury staff tackled harmonies to Abba’s classic track, Money Money Money, and they pulled off the tongue-in-cheek choice with aplomb.

Tax advisor Sue Wolfendale, who likes to plays the piano, added: “It was great to try something a little different. After an awkward start I think we got into our stride by the end.

“It was surprising how tricky some of the exercises were, but through Ann we learned something new about each other and had some fun in the process.”

Salisbury and Company works alongside businesses seeking to grow and improve their operations, as well as those looking to be assured that their financial affairs are in good order.

Rumours that they may diversify and enter a group into this year’s The X-Factor competition have been denied!