Salisburys Accountants Continued Growth

Salisburys Accountants Continued Growth

We are delighted to report that our business is growing significantly – so much that we’ve had to make changes to the building in order to fit our team in comfortably!

In order to meet the continued demand for our services, our Payroll Team in particular has experienced significant growth. Due to this, it’s been quite a tight fit in Irish Square as of late. In order to keep our people working in a comfortable and pleasant environment, we’ve moved our Payroll team into their very own office within our existing building.

This has been no easy undertaking – significant investment has been required in order to achieve this—but we have been happy to do so. Our staff’s talents, diligence and hard work are the reason behind our continued success as a business, and we will always strive to support our staff in all matters – even if it involves minor building work!

The adjustments to the building have almost been completed, and we very much look forward to unveiling the final office in the coming weeks.

New Staff Join Salisburys

Because of the company’s growth, we are very pleased to add that two new additions to our team will be joining us in July and August 2018 respectively. As a company, we have significant belief in developing our people, whether they join us from education or an already successful career in accounting or tax advice.

We pride ourselves on our approach to training and developing our staff, and we believe that refining and nurturing talent is the key to providing excellent services for our clients.

Salisburys Chartered Accountants North Wales is a company which places emphasis on leading, supporting, and improving our staff members – both as teams and as individuals, personally and professionally, in order to provide our excellent working environment.

We take the commitment of investing in our staff very seriously, and due to this have had the honour of holding the Investor In People Gold Standard for well over 6 years. As a result of this, we believe that we can spot talent as well as nurture and develop it.

For instance, we recently offered a 5 week placement to Sophie Ffoulkes – a University student. During her time here, she impressed is to such a degree that we offered her a placement at Salisburys throughout the summer in order to build upon the five-week taste of the challenges, and rewards there are to be had in the financial sector.