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Corona Virus Measures

Following concerns over safety for our staff and clients, we are now working remotely. This will ensure continuity of our services as far as possible, with minimal disruption, whilst helping to minimise the spread of Covid-19.

All of our offices will be closed to visitors, however should you need to urgently drop or collect any records, this can be done by appointment.

Please communicate via email as far as possible, or direct all phone calls to either 01745 583 606 or direct to our mobile numbers should you have them.

Should you not have a direct email address, please contact profit@salisburys.com

We are committed to working with you to best manage any challenges that the Corona virus may bring to you and your business.

Stuff You Want!

Do you fancy raising some money to buy out your competitor, attract more customers, invest in a new building, piece of kit or embark on a new and perhaps radical venture? Do you want to invest in researching new strategies for marketing and development, hire that exceptional individual or make a leap of faith with your business? We Can Help.


Stuff You Need!

Are you worried about getting stuff done for the bank? Don’t know how much tax you have to pay and if it could be reduced? Are you concerned about your competition or worried about what will happen to the business if you are ill? Perhaps you don’t see how you can ever retire or maybe creditors are chasing your money all the time? We Can Help.


Salisburys Chartered Accountants North Wales 

Strong Support You can get Excited About

Business conditions in North West England and North Wales have never been more challenging, or potentially rewarding. That’s where we start out, offering appropriate support, services and a strong shoulder to lean on when you need it.

Good accountancy is the bedrock of your business, ensuring that you have the right management tools to allow you to see where you need to develop your business and act decisively.

Our services are designed to take you through the whole business life cycle from start-up, fundraising and grants, bookkeeping, payroll, VAT and tax advice through to major business transactions and everything in between. We have taken care to explain all our various services on this website, please take a moment or two to see what we offer and be assured you will be most welcome to chat further about how we can add more to your business.

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