Salisburys Corporate Social Responsibility Policy January 20, 2020 Salisburys

Salisburys Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

We recognise that we can have both a positive and negative impact on our environment, our community and our workplace. We, therefore, are committed to improving our corporate social responsibility in these three key areas.

This policy will be monitored and adapted when necessary to ensure our impact remains positive and will be the responsibility of all our staff.


Our Commitment to the Environment

  • We are committed to reducing any negative impact on our environment by reducing our production of waste and consumption of energy.
  • We will repair, re-use and recycle!
  • We will reduce our carbon footprint by using as little paper as possible, avoiding unnecessary printing, re-using stationery and sending emails instead of writing letters where appropriate
  • Our telephone system allows conference calling between our office in St. Asaph, Ruthin & Penmaemawr, and our offices and clients, which mean less business travel.
  • Cloud computing technology, including hosted solutions are used to improve the utilisation of our computer resources.
  •  We will encourage paper and cardboard to be recycled, and electricity usage to be reduced. Computers, lights and heaters should be switched off whenever possible.
  • We regularly sponsor activities and individual organisations supporting worthy charitable organisations, and we directly support and contribute to local charitable events.

Our Commitment to Our People and Community

  • We look for opportunities to give expertise to help people extend their own abilities. We find the success of this goes beyond the investment we have made.
  • We provide a friendly, connected workplace to help our employees gain an acceptable work-life balance. This helps them maintain their health and well-being and to balance their professional and personal commitments.
  • We operate a diversity and inclusion policy, showing our commitment to create a working environment in which Individuals are valued for their contribution and can develop to their full potential.
  • Every effort is made to ensure that all members of staff can work enthusiastically with a sense of satisfaction and achievement. Nevertheless, queries, problems or grievances will arise from time to time and we aim to resolve such issues in a simple, fair and rapid manner as near to the point of origin as possible, through conversation and formal procedures.
  • We organise communication days, away from the office, for the Directors to update staff on new developments, procedures etc. and to encourage staff to be open and discuss any concerns they may have.
  • We keep the staff up-to-date with changes in personnel and practice issues. 
  • Our employees participate in professional development, as highly skilled employees are critical to us.