Making Tax Digital Reminder

Making Tax Digital Reminder

2019 is just around the corner, and for many business owners that brings on no small sense of dread with the fact Making Tax Digital (MTD) is just around the corner.

MTD has received quite a good deal of constructive criticism since the pilot scheme was rolled out on the 1st of April 2018, and most sources do seem to agree with the fact that while MTD seems like it may be a viable solution for most business owners, it has quite a way to go before it is.

Such is the point of pilot schemes though, they’re intended to iron out wrinkles before something goes into operation on a compulsory basis. With this considered, there are business owners that nonetheless dread MTD becoming compulsory in early 2019.

Changing with the times is imperative in matters of business, and we have worked extensively with understanding the nuances, the benefits, as well as the flaws of this new system. As such, our team of accountants and tax advisors in St Asaph are more than happy to assist with your book keeping requirements to ensure you are fully compliant.

MTD will soon be compulsory, so act now to ensure there is sufficient time to prepare for the changes.